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Tip 5: Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal

Food debris can build up between the base of your sink drain and become wedged onto your disposal guard. If the disposal guard can be removed do so.

Using a toothbrush soaked in dish detergent and a degreaser begin removing the food particles from the plastic guard. You can soak the plastic guard in the soap and degreaser product of your choice for approximately 10 minutes which will remove any other debris. Rinse with hot water and return the disposal guard to the sink.

If the disposal guard cannot be removed prepare a solution of dish soap and degreaser of your choice mixed into an appropriate ratio as designated by the degreaser label instructions. Mix with hot water. Pour the solution into the sink and turn on your garbage disposal. Slowly pour the solution down the sink and the solution will remove any debris from the mechanisms of the disposal. Turn off your garbage disposal. For added freshness, cut half a lemon into slices, place the lemon down the sink, run hot water and turn on your garbage disposal until the lemon is thoroughly disposed of. It will leave your sink and garbage disposal smelling lemony fresh.

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